Day 10: Remebering the AniTuber Who Cried Lupus

On day 10, time to briefly go over the story of Dustin aka TheHyruleBard. This is the season of giving, and I can tell you Hyrule has more than earned his fare share of coal for Christmas. Enough in fact to last him his entire life. I’m also sure he also earned a spot on many people’s in the commentary, and anime community permanent shit list. On top of that, I’m making sure I post something about this since I’ve talked to the man himself, Hyrule, on rare occasions over DMs on Twitter. Not to further beat down on the guy, but to serve a personal reminder of the path I shouldn’t take regardless of the content I create.

I would start from the beginning, but it’s fuzzy in my head exactly when I subscribed to his channel. I do know for certain it was on a website called GeekJuiceMedia that I got my first exposure to Hyrule. His content was rough around the edges, but came across as a genuine guy. So I hit that subscribe button, but I did not smash that like button. If I were guess when this happened I would estimate probably around 2016, or late 2015. It was around that time I started watching AniTubers instead of just reading about anime.

My first interaction with Hyrule was when he uploaded a video about Scarlett Johansson casting in the live action Ghost In the Shell movie. I debated against someone who couldn’t phantom the fact I didn’t consider Scarlett Johansson casting as white washing. Since the video is deleted so is the walls upon walls of text of us going back, and forth. I’m not sure who won, but considering my opponent started throwing direct insults at me is kinda telling. Within this debate in the comment section he DM me on April of 2016. Oh, when looking to my Gmail I was shocked that I got email from Twitter about Hyrule DMing me in one day. Sadly, I only got his half of the conversation so forgive the spotty documentation in this blog.

So I know I am quite awkward when it comes to verbal communications, but I do my best in understanding some basics. One of those is building a bond between, and the person I’m speaking with. I doubt the other person would immediately want to hear all my life problems unless they were asked too. Our boy Dustin, first conversations brings on the heavy life problems.hyrule dms 01Why would you do this! Re-reading this conversation while doing editing to make it presentable reminding me of a moment in the comedy/drama movie 50/50. It was when Seth Rogen, and Joseph Gordon Levitt were going to a club, and JGL pick up line was “Sup! I got cancer”. That moment made me laugh. Just like how reading this conversation makes me further appreciate the more socially capable weirdos I know. Including that one Hentai artist whose said he would me to draw. Long story better saved for another time.

Now, this was our first direct interaction with each other, and he thought it would be a good idea to have a complete stranger join a random Skype calls of all his friends. It was depressing to say the least. I came across quite awkwardly since I was conversing with a group of total strangers about this topic. It got really political so I was out of my element. Thankfully my mic stopped working so I didn’t have to talk. The depressing part wasn’t how awkward I came across, but listening to some of these people terrible conditions. One of them still lived under his parents basement, and he sounded very depress.


After that very awkward incident I decided to never again engaged with him in Skype calls, or in any verbal communication other than text. Looking through these DMs this guy had so many plans, and committed to just about none of them. One of them being, and I kid you not, a collab lets play with him on Destiny.

hyrule dms lets play

So this guy barely knows me, and asked me to do a lets play of Destiny with him. I of course said yes since he’s a YouTuber, and I wanted the experience when I used to care about making video content one day. Of course it never happened. We go months without talking to each when he pops up out of nowhere he’s recently been diagnosed with Chronic Depression, and Bipolar disorder.

hyrule dms 2He goes on about some other things which at this point should tell he wants my pity. It could be the fact he understood I had a full time job, and stable living condition he thought I could help him out. I could, but unless you’re someone I can trust no dice on me helping you. I see dozen or content creators I like that I would love to support financially to some extent, but am unable too since it has to be a reasonable amount that it won’t hurt me. Hyrule is the only content creator I’ve ever interacted with where I never felt like supporting financially. He never came off to me as someone who I felt would do right with my money since the passion just wasn’t there. As opposed to other content creators I’ve engaged in small talked over the years their passion came across to me.

There was also the time I went through his content, and provided him feedback on how he could help his channel. He used the classic excuse of the algorithms of his channel. Reading that I’m just thinking Dustin not uploading content for months is helping his algorithm. Seriously, I told him to branch out if anime videos take him so long, but he was having none of it because that would require work!

The rest of the DMs I have aren’t interesting since it’s just minor back, and forth on life stuff. So, here’s a content maker on YouTube who tried for a decade to get somewhere in his career. He managed to get over 2k subs in that time on his anime channel. You might be wondering how it came crashing down. Simple, good old greed, and lying about having Lupus.

So he been caught, and has been exposed so what now. Well, Hyrule decided to some on Twitch personality name Tipster to do a interview. The full interview can be found on YouTube, and instead I’ll just post another video that condenses the trainwreck that turned out. Alongside some more scummy behavior from him.

There’s also 4 live streams picking on Hyrule, and Youtubers sharing their experience with Hyrule. Now I’m not going to post like 4 live stream in post. I already have two videos in this post I’ll go over the highlights I guess of a live stream that’s over three hours. I wouldn’t recommend watching the whole thing. This includes Hyrule (whose 26 at this time) trying to hook up with people on his Discord, passing a video of a teen girl playing with herself, attempted grooming, NECRO XIII experience with Hyrule, and NEKRO XIII getting banned on Hyrule Discord. Oh yeah, the TwitLonger from Hyrule where he deflate responsibility.

In this detour what I’ll take away from my experience with Hyrule, and witnessing this scheme blow up in his face is you’re never entitled to success. Dustin simply couldn’t be content with everything he build up. Always wanting more without putting in the effort, nor remaining committed to whatever he pursued as a content creator. If something didn’t take off like he wanted he would quit, blame something for his lack of growth, and use other means to get what he wanted.

My intentions whenever I started posting reviews on Rotten Tomatoes in late 2011, and continuing to write posts online wherever infrequently I never had the intention of making this a career. From the start, I wanted to share my thoughts on movies, and eventually animes years later. Once I got over the fact I might not get any views I went back into writing, and kept coming back to sharing my thoughts. I do this for the fun of it. Sharing my experience, and thoughts on things that other people might interesting like I do. The number of so-so thing doesn’t matter to me as much as the experience itself.

In almost 8 years I’ve been a part of so many online film, and anime community that it amazes me the amount people I met. I might not have the huge following, or receive the same amount views I once did years ago. That’s because I’m way past that stage at the elderly age of 24 in making content. There’s just so much else to it that I rather engage with like interacting more in the community I’m with part off than anything else.

Thus end a 10 year career on YouTube where Hyrule felt he accomplished nothing. If meeting people in a community equally as passionate towards anime, movies, or whatever you’re into is a failure to him. He clearly he couldn’t see what success he had in front of him.

Well, that is the final negative post in my journey in the 12 Days of Anime. Hyrule more than deserves what he had coming to him. He said he would man up to it, and would let his action speak for him. Obviously, he deleted everything associated from the web hiding from responsibility. So I shall take his massive failure, and remind myself to not make the same mistakes he did.

One thought on “Day 10: Remebering the AniTuber Who Cried Lupus”

  1. sup, i got cancer!
    I’ll end every argument I have with that from now on. hahaha I kid.
    I don’t follow the anituber scene. though I did hear about the digibro stuff, but damn, this was a rabbit hole. it’s kinda sad and pathetic.
    I do know a lot of people try to make money off youtube, but sometimes it’s really more beneficial to be practical and realize that path aint sustainable.


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