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So I had a wordpress account since 2014, but didn’t make this site until like late August in 2015. Originally I just had it up to archive all my old reviews from Rotten Tomatoes, and Letterboxd into one site. I tried for a bit to be active in it, but real life reared its ugly head, and ate a lot of my time. During 2016, and the early part of 2018 I would put up the rare post, but still didn’t get back into blogging since at the time rebuilding an audience I found demotivating. In these years I yearned to write, but didn’t have the motivation to do.

In 2018, I somewhat came back to blogging, and now more motivated to write about random things than I was before.

What are your goals for the site?

It was originally archive all my old stuff I wrote on other sites, but now it’s simply to have fun writing, and interacting with the community whenever possible. I use to take this whole reviewing thing pretty seriously, but now I’m more relaxed with a carefree attitude about it. Now, I just wanna have fun with this blogging thing.

About My Blogging Self:

I always had an interest in films, but it wasn’t until seeing dozens of martial art films on Netflix that motivated me to write about them. My first ever review was posted on Rotten Tomatoes on November 26, 2011 on the film Fist of Legend. After that, the rest became a messy history. The more I got involved in the film community the more I’ve grown to dislike movies themselves. Very few film groups I was a part of were accepting of different opinions, and didn’t value all forms of filmmaking. Distorting my feelings towards movies, and I stop for a while during late 2015. 

It wouldn’t be until a good friend told me how he missed my writing during 2016 (I think) that I consider going back to writing about movie. However, I wasn’t satisfied with anything I wrote, and once again gave up. During this time I tried forming a site with a group of friends, but that didn’t go through as all were either too busy, or lost interest in writing about what they wanted to write about.

In 2017 I considered taking a different route, and so began my many read through of rough drafts people send me for movies. I basically provided suggestions for people on what they could improve on their stories, even though I never got anything professional made in my life. During this time I had a rough time living on my own so I gave more thoughts about living than I following my dreams. Working in food processing ain’t fun, especially you hate it as much as I do XD

In January 2018, I wrote some reviews offline, and decided why not post them. I did that for a bit before real life called again in the beginning of February, and stopped for a while. However, instead keeping my thoughts to myself I decided during my vacation to write a bit, and I liked what I wrote I posted them here. I can’t say I’m entirely rejuvenated since I still hate my full time job, and putting up with it takes a lot of energy. Especially when co-workers are as reckless as the ones I work with.

At this point in 2018, it’s sort of a journey for me to rediscover what I love about writing not just through what I write, but also what other bloggers I follow write. I don’t know where this story will go, but I look forward to it.

What My Blog Is All About

Writing mostly about movies, and anime whenever I can. I don’t have a lot history with anime since I didn’t grow up watching it, but it fascinates me nonetheless. I plan up to fix up my blog since (at this moment of revising this page) it’s pretty awful XD.

When not writing about movies, or anime I plan to write a bit about my life. I believe every one has an interesting story to tell, but offline my friends tell me I should write about them in blog form. So I will….hopefully it come back, and bite me XD

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