Obiligitory Introductory Post

Welcome to the first post of Personafication. A website, but more in line like a blog where I post my own content on just about anything I write about.

Why start a site/blog?

I’ve posted my movie reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, but ever since its redesigned several of my blogs got deleted (along with other users) and lost more than half of my audience due to the new design alienating readers from the writers. No longer is the interaction there on Rotten Tomatoes. I did prepare in advance by creating a Letterboxd account ahead of time. However, it has its shortcomings like the fact I can’t post blogs meaning less content I could post. It works fine for movie reviews, but limitation isn’t always a good thing for creativity.

What’s the focus of Personafication?

To be a placeholder of sort I guess for reviews I write. Not just for movies which will make up most of the content posted here, but sometimes on Japanese animated series for much needed variety. I’ll post blogs on random things as well as I’m no stranger to sharing stories from my personal life.

Why so late on doing this?

I didn’t expect Rotten Tomatoes to have such an alienating redesign and I didn’t expect to get out of the reviewing scene for as long as I have. It’s also due that it’s difficult to come up with names for websites that aren’t taken. Even the site name, Personafication, wasn’t meant to be the original name. If I had more options for domain names I would have gone with something that was more relevant to my intentions.

I follow you on Letterboxd/Rotten Tomatoes and Myanimelist. What will you offer here that you won’t on those two other sites?

I can do posting on music I listen that’s not related to movies or anime, first impressions on anything I feel like from trailers, to music, to video games, and possibly answering fan mail.

That will be all for now readers. The following months will have me posting over 300 of my old reviews onto Personafication with some minor touch up in the spelling department.