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Giving into “The Build A Harem Tag” peer pressure post

I’ve decided to do this on a whim. I hardly deviate from doing reviews, or giving general thoughts on series/OVA so this would be something quick, and fun for me to do. You gotta give in, and join in on the fun sometimes. I also found plenty of other bloggers post on building their harems. Have to admit, it was a good way to find to new bloggers to follow, and learn about what their harem choices. Alongside that, it’ll be a good short break from researching what book I should read next after I recently finished a novel called Pachinko by Min Jin Lee which I highly recommend if you enjoy a good family drama. So yeah, the rules I was too lazy to retype.

The ‘Build A Harem’ Tag Rules:

  1. Link back to the original post on Anime QandA so they can check out everyone’s picks!
  2. Use the ‘Build A Harem’ logo somewhere in the post.
  3. Make sure to mention the person who nominated you too!
  4. Pick 5 Anime Characters (any show & any gender) that would be in your ideal harem if you were the main character of a harem anime, explain a little bit as to why they are your picks (if you want).
  5. Make sure each character you pick falls into some of the following harem character types: Childhood friend, tom boy/girl, genki girl/boy, loli/shota, trap, tsundere, yandere, kuudere, dandere, etc. (If there’s a character you’ve picked that doesn’t specifically fall into one of these types or falls into multiple types that’s fine too!)
  6. Nominate 5 people to participate in this tag!

Okay, I can follow most of these rules. As for who nominated me, no one. He has good blog. I recommend it, especially his post on cross dimensional selfcest where he gets philosophical not only using the Bipolar Magnetic Reversal Theory, but the Theory of Relativity to explain its appeal. I also didn’t choose my harem picks by archetypes. I just simply chose who I wanted the most if I was the protagonist of a harem! The last rule I’m not sure I can oblige with. A lot of online friends that I know who do make content do it YouTube instead, and only one of them I know actually has a wordpress account. So I’ll just tag Miasama on here, and on Twitter whenever this goes up. So future me, don’t forget to tag on Twitter! I command thee!

My last pick is technically cheating since I skimmed through my completed anime list, and couldn’t think of another anime character I would like put in my Harem. I did consider Edward Aleric since I could simply seduce him to transmutate himself in my liking. It would work, temporarily XD

Last thing before I post this so the man himself Bobsamurai, and his Discord server could mock me in a secretive, cult like meeting. I put the picks in alphabetical order. It’s easier to organize them like that. As sang in a One Ok Rock song, lets do this Taka! (and I don’t know anyone name Taka)

Ai Enma – Hell Girl Seriestumblr_oip0vivswk1vzeppko1_500Starting off this list is Hell Girl herself. This one, I’m not sure honestly what I see in her. Could be the mysterious aura that surrounds, her stoici expression as she judges anyone who crosses path with her, or it could just simply be her red eyes she’ll stare right straight into your soul whenever speaking with her. I don’t know about you, but Ai Enma comes across as someone who I can have a deep discussion on humanity, and how evil it can be at times. Cause you know, I like casually deep philosophical discussion on the nature of man. No matter how terrible a date with her can end up, or how badly I mess up on anything I can rest assured knowing she has seen far worse in her than me. In her eyes, that’s a Hell of a lot better than Hell.

Artoria Pendragon (Saber) – Fate FranchisegiphyThe first animated character in anything that made me think “Hey, that’s a good looking animated character”. So aside from her beauty which honestly I considered unmatch any other anime character I’ve seen. Her strength, her courteousness (that’s a word right?), chivalrous, and a kind soul underneath her rough exterior. These traits is what always kept her in my mind, and made her unforgettable. Now out of the dozen, or so Fate series which one do I like the most? Obviously the Fate/Zero version wins it out for me. It what made me like Saber a lot more than I actually thought I would.

Ayaka Kisaragi – Phantom Quest Corp


I guarantee you this is the last character whose name starts with the letter A in this harem. One aspect that makes Ayaka Kisaragi appealing to me is obviously her character design. She’s a nice looking lady all around, especially her long red hair. She’s the kind of person who knows how to have fun drinking sake, singing karaoke, and fighting against vampires with her lipstick lightsaber. Despite being in debt by the end of every episode there’s a lot of charm to her, especially off duty antics which makes her my kind person I would like to take to a bar, and drink the night away. Also like her, I hate getting out of bed early, and have like a dozen or alarms to wake me up. Even when she wakes up out of bed looking like a mess, I still think she looks good.

Miyu Yamano – Vampire Princess Miyu0a025edcb3Yep, another stoic, supernatural lady get thrown into this mix. This time it’s a vampire with fire power! However, unlike Ai Enma who simply answers the call of those seeking vengeance. Miyu Yamano actively goes out into the world, and kill demons causing harm to human. What draws me to her is something even I’m unsure about. Could be the fact that despite her hardly showing much in the way of emotion she deeply cares about her friends, and the victims who are unfortunate enough to get killed by demons. It’s that kind empathy that she can still muster up after who knows how many decades of killing demons that I like about her. Always caring to help other in need in her own ways. Well, minus a couple exceptions of course she should have intervene sooner. Back to positives! She never takes her duty lightly, and strong beliefs she sticks with, but she also takes time to have fun whenever possible. Whenever she actually does smile, she’s pretty cute. She’s like much more mature version Ayaka Kisaragi with the added bonus of if Miyu ever does eventually call off the relationship. She has the ability to put me under a spell, and put in a dream state making me think we’ll together forever as she sucks my blood…and presumably something else if you catch my drift 😉

Kanna Endo – 20Th Century Boys4dd4094ad710cc2ced917901654ee00a164744ec_hq

So what makes Kanna stands out among the rest here? To be honest she’s actually the most normal pick out of my harem. By normal, I of course mean she has advance ESP, and is capable of predicting the future to a small extent, she can bend spoons with her mind, and even once strangled a woman without touching her. They don’t call her the Ice Queen for nothing. What obviously draws me to her compare to the rest of my picks is she’s easily the most down earth with her personality. Family is very important to her, she loves rock n roll music (high five Kanna), she likes to eat ramen, and is one fearless woman. You know a badass character when you see her actively going up against a terrorist group, and stopping a war between two large gangs for the greater good. Most importantly though, I have the best chances with her than anyone else I chose.


Well those were my picks, and I actually surprised myself with who I ended up putting into my harem. As for nominations. Huh, I’m not sure, but I’ll try to think of something.

1. Miasama of Grye Media; cool dude with cooler beard. I nominated thee by the power of Bob!

2 Gaurav of Random BlogI know you just started your blog, but like the famous saying goes; Pikachu! I choose you!

3.  Z

4.  Archernar of Just The Howling of The Wind

5. I don’t know, but if you’re reading this Miasama, tell J-Chip Show (•_•) , (•_•)>⌐■-■,  (⌐■_■) He’s Tagged!

So that’s all folks. You got to the end. A plus. You winner. What else do people say? Ni hao, and see ya later.

Some Thoughts On: Vampire Princess Miyu (1996 – 1997) TV Series

On March 9, 2018  I finally finished the 26 episode anime series called Vampire Princess Miyu. In Vampire Princess Miyu, the title character is the focus of the anime, and shows her cursed to her duty to eliminating the stray Shinmas (demons basically) for all eternity. I started this anime around the same time I started Hell Girl Season 1. Both anime are named after the stoic, immortal female lead cursed to fulfill a otherworldly duty. Unlike Hell Girl season 1 which I liked from the first episode. Vampire Princess Miyu took around 5 episodes before I could enjoy watching it. The first episode isn’t good, and simply gives off a bad impression. Visual storytelling is messy, the human characters introduced become irrelevant after the episode ends, and very little key elements of the anime are established. It’s pretty lame until a giant demonic lizard makes an appearance. Episode 2 through 4 continue the trend for a bit, but episode 2 shows more of its promising side. For starter, some recurring characters are introduced, its formula is properly set up this time, and the episode has a pretty good ending. While episode 3 & 4 didn’t do much either to improve my impression of the anime.

When I finally got to episode 5 the series finally nailed it. The formula worked in its favor for once; the story the episode told was interesting, and just like episode 2, had a good ending to it. Episode 5 basically has Miyu, and her friends attempting to figure out what happened to a director’s unfinished film, and figure out what happened to the film’s leading actress. The supernatural elements work in nicely with this episode where in previous episodes it didn’t quite fit into them. Along with taking a unexpected direction it also touches on the future not turning out how the director desire it to be, and facing the consequences of his inability to move on from the past. Granted it doesn’t go in depth into this because not all 24 minutes are dedicated to that subject, but makes it feel balance with the desired minimal fantastical elements compared to the previous 4 episodes.

Much like Hell Girl, Vampire Princess Miyu is also an episodic series, but without an overarching story for most of it run. Episodic series typically have this trait, and here it comes with just about the same mixed results. Without an overarching story, Miyu, and her demonic slaying companions are simply wondering around Japan until they come across a Shinma, stary demons whom wonder into the human world creating chaos. Resulting in a anime while intriguing for me to watch had no urgency during its duration. For starter, the main cast of characters are hardly developed. Only Miyu, and her Shinma slaying partner Larva (also a Shinma) are given characterization randomly in the anime. Not to the point where I cared about their livelihood, but enough to keep my interest. However, nearly everyone else in the series is one dimensional. With a monster of the week setup characters are introduced, and typically killed within the same episode. Recurring characters that do make a appearance, like Miyu schoolmates are sidelined, and just there to provide some info of Shinma chaos through rumors.

So, with the lack of characterization for a majority of the cast, and repetitive episodic nature simply meanadering without an overarching story what kept me watching were the Shinmas. In certain episodes, seeing a Shinma cause trouble for humans, or seeing from the victim point of view the Shinma evil doings could be really engaging. For example, episode 9 (one of the best episodes) shows a couple adopting their neighbor cat, and showing it slowly tearing them apart. Unlike Hell Girl which tried to be scary, Vampire Princess Miyu can at least capture the horror-eque atmosphere it’s going for. The best example of good writing in the series is episode 11, and displaying the focus character psychology in his certain predicament. Besides receiving a new face from a Shinma, the focused character also begins what can be best described as sleep killing. The story episode 11 tell can have an entire series build around thanks to how well the execution of a simple idea was handle.

Miyu, despite being her voice actresses being stoic in the English dub was a character I couldn’t help, but like. Could be that I might have a thing for stoic, immortal female leads since I also liked Ai Enma (Hell Girl herself) from Hell Girl a good deal. Being such a drastic departure from your typical Vampires, it’s refreshing seeing a vampire who can wield fire, and occasionally fights demon. She also has empathy towards the human suffering from the Shinma which the anime goes into great detail into showing that side of her. It’s made a point in the anime early on Miyu does take blood from humans, and also has the ability to give certain humans “Sweat Dreams” forever to eventually die after sucking their blood. Of course, with the stoic voice actresses playing Miyu, it works in its favor when Miyu is cold towards certain Shinmas. I remember one episode where Miyu simply tells a very slow aging woman whom consumed Mermaid flesh to become immortal, and is afraid of dying. Miyu simply doesn’t reject the old lady plead to ease her suffering when ending her prolong life, but tells that’ll she simply have to suffer like every other human being until her very last dying breath. Outwardly, Miyu rarely shows the more conflict side of her emotions, but nonetheless I ended liking the character despite my better judgement.

If you’re craving some good demon slaying action look elsewhere since the action sequences in Vampire Princess Miyu are easily the weakest scenes in the anime. Besides having little in the way of fight choreography the same thing happens in nearly all of them. Larva comes into to save Miyu primarily with psychical attacks, and Miyu finishes off the Shinma quickly by burning them. No strategies are involved in the fight making them lame to witness. Only two fights in the anime are okay, though if it primarily desired to be an action series I would have been harsher on these sequences.

The only thing that somewhat positively stands out this anime would be the music. Dance of the Shinma, the series opening theme composed by Kenji Kawai, is a great tune that sets the mood for the series. I also like the limite usage of piano in the song, especially when it plays along the singing choir. It simply makes a joy to listen too. In series, the music helps set the atmosphere, and does a great job of creating this otherworldly sense when viewing it.

Other than that, I could touch on the English dub which is bad. The cast I felt was fine, but the performances of the voice cast leaves a lot to be desired. I could have just switched to the english subs to make some kind of comparison, but I didn’t since if I got the option I’ll go with a English dub. Even a subpar English dub like the one for this anime is more preferable for me when just casually watching anime. There’s also the 4 episode OVA also with the same name that I saw a long time ago before checking this series. Simply put, I can’t say much on that since it’s been a long time since I’ve seen it, but I can say for certain when I saw the 4 episode OVA of Vampire Princess Miyu that I didn’t like it. It nearly put me to sleep. Speaking of which, this anime series can also have that effect on viewers since it doesn’t change it formula. The same things might not be happening, but it certainly feels the same once you’ve seen more than 4 episodes.

I’ll close out another one of these scattershot impression, though upon re-reading this particular piece it certainly sound like (to me also) that I disliked the anime more than I liked. On very rare occasions, sometime something of average, or lower quality I end up liking for the positives despite the elitist in me telling me I simply shouldn’t. With Vampire Princess Miyu tv series, all it took to fall on my good side was simply provide me some stuff I can enjoy for 24 minutes. Enough so that I can forgive it faults whenever they showed up, and it succeeded. It didn’t keep improving like I wanted it too, but I’ll take an anime I find to simply be alright over the dozen, and dozen of bad animes I’ve seen.

If I were to rate Vampire Princess Miyu TV series I would rate it a 6 out of 10.