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Cinema-Maniac: Jack Frost (1996) Review

So how do you make a good horror/comedy, nothing like this. I know it’s not meant to taken seriously as a horror movie in which it fails miserably, but it also fails to live up to the comedy aspect as well.

Serial killer, named Jack Frost (i’m not making this up) is genetically mutated in car wreck on the way to his execution. After which, he becomes a murdering snowman hell-bent on revenge for the sheriff who caught him, who lives in the town of Snomonton and the killer of this movie just happens to be Snowman. Okay, I thought by now I would be use to bizarre horror plot by now, apparently not as this totally took me by surprise. I mean it opens with annoying little girl wanting a story, and her father tells her a story of a serial killer named Jack Frost because nothing says Christmas better than a story about a serial killer. So moving on, I see the Jack Frost being taken to be executed during a blizzard and yet there’s no snow the ground. After those two annoyances we’re treated to the worst and cheapest car crash in movie history. Than Jack gets hit with some acid chemicals, dies, and mixes into the snow in a very cartoonish way.

So after seeing that nothing much interesting happens as the sheriff son cooks some disgusting looking food, a snowman building competition with a lack of snow in a sunny day, someone being killed a Arby oven-mit I presume, a sister who could care less that her brother died, a girl drying her already dried hair for like hours only to take a shower later on, and a Snowman raping a woman. So after the Snowman finish raping his victim he lights a cigar, I definitively didn’t see that coming. So after failing to kill Jack Frost the evil Snowman with a blow dryer, the sheriff goes into his car and slams whatever his son cook into Jack Frost face. I’m guessing it’s because it’s so poorly prepared it was that it would cause anyone to face to melt.

So after discovering it was anti-freeze the sheriff distracts Jack Frost by running into a building and interrupts someone having sex with a goat. I rewind the scene to make sure it wasn’t a goat, but as I have come to learn nothing is ever too ridiculous in horror movies. So they kill Jack Frost and bury him and comeback in the “You’ve got to f****n be kidding me” award winning sequel.

Jack Frost succeeds in only being funny in filming error and some ridiculous moments from the evil killing Snowman. Unfortunately there wasn’t enough for me as sometime random events in the background are more humorous than what in the foreground. I would recommend it for bad movie lover, but only if you could watch it as a comedy and not a horror. Other than that, it’s certainly not the worst i’ve seen in the genre so I gave it a an 10% just because it wasn’t completely un-watchable.