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Cinema-Maniac: Birdemic: Shock And Terror (2008) Review

By now, i’ve learned not to have any expectations when it comes to horror movies since I honestly have no idea what i’m going to pick up and watch. Even with low expectations it manages to be worst than I could have expected.

A platoon of eagle & vultures attack the residence of a small town for no reason because the writer/director is too inexperience to come up with a good reason. Yes, that basic plot synopsis i’m given it because this movie has some of the worst writing for a horror/romance. Hearing the poorly written dialogue I soon came to realize that the director has never had a date before. There is also unnecessary detail like the scene when some Solar-Panel sales man coming to the main character house and we see where it’s going to go because apparently it’s essential to the plot. I can’t honestly try to make this plot if I try, it’s just impossible and this is coming from the same guy who reviewed a movie base on a killer bed.

The acting is horrible, but it’s not the worst problem. The worst problem are the birds. For some reason when these birds that sound like planes when they crash and apparently according to this they blowup when they crash. We see a kid who parents just left him in the trunk for no reason, some poorly acted death scene, a random scientist explaining the reason for the birds which is that there is shortage on Polar Bear, and what got to be the worst way to end a movie with a line we can’t even hear.