Belated New Years Post

What’s sup, and yes I am still alive despite being inactive for over a year. First of all, happy belated new years. Second, my job really killed my motivation to write last year. Going month after month working seven days a week, and at most getting two days off made relaxing more alluring than writing anything. There were also days on rare occasion I simply knocked out as soon as I laid down on my bed. Yep, offline job didn’t make it any easy for me to sustain my creativity, or energy to do anything. Finally, it was a busy year in general. Even without the whole job working me to the bones I still had offline drama to deal with, and I frankly had enough of it.

2018 started off well for me, but then, yep, something happened yesterday, and I’m trying to resolve it. Oh boy, 2018 is off to a good start, and I’m not going to bore you with the rest of my life’s detail cause it’ll take three more paragraphs to do so.

So why do I keep coming back? Simple, I just can’t let it go. Despite spending over a year of not posting anything I just simply can’t stop thinking things I watched, nor stop discussing them among my offline friends. There was also the bonus of 2017, and the many, many films that I was completely enthralled in viewing. I kid you not, there were so many films in 2017 I could gush about to the point that for a week I could write about films that I would award perfect ratings too. Some of them, if you still remember what I wrote back in my more active days comes as no surprise movies like Baby Driver, Logan, War for the Planet of the Apes, and The Lego Batman I would give perfect marks too. As well as some surprises like Blade Runner: 2049, and Dunkirk especially receiving a perfect rating from me even though war movies in general don’t impress. Plus, as an action junkie, 2017 was easily the best year for action movie since 1992 with the likes of Wolf Warrior 2, SPL: Paradox, Baby Driver, Extraordinary Mission, The Villainess, as well as others not as great action films (looking at you John Wick: Chapter 2) made it quite stellar time for action cinema enthusiasts.

Needless to say I love 2017 in terms of what I saw. Granted it helped I wasn’t writing for a blog, or site so I didn’t see any atrocious pieces of cinema like I usually would. Same with anime, I rewatched the original Fullmetal Alchemist anime for the first time in years, and it got me back into watching anime. I got reminded why the original Fullmetal Alchemist is my second favorite anime series of all time, and a little bit of help from the first two Selector Wixoss seasons, and both seasons of Noragami didn’t hurt either. However, the biggest surprise for me in terms of anime watching was none other than watching Cardcaptor Sakura for the first time, and man what a magical experience it was. I ended up liking Cardcaptor Sakura a lot more than I thought I would, and is now a personal favorite of mine. It simply put a smile my face, and the characters are so endearing to me.

With that brief summarization of events out of the way the reason I wanted to write this blog post is because I didn’t want the first piece of the new year to be negative. Yes, the first movie review I write in who knows how many months, and it’s a negative review for a Chow Yun Fat movie you likely never heard off, and even less likely seen. At the moment, I’m working on the details on juggling my personal time with this blog/site. I already set myself a quota of how many reviews I want to post this month, as well as made specific selections between must complete, and optional written reviews. For example, a review I must/want to complete this month is for Return Engagement (1990), and a optional one is The Long Good Friday (1980). The optional movies I’ve chosen ahead of time are simply there for extras if I want to exceed my intended quota. I can’t say I’m back for certain, but we’ll see, and I implore you to wait on welcoming me back (assuming you intended too, you did right) until March where I’m currently debating dedicating the month mostly reviewing art house cinema. Why, so I can finally work out my thoughts on art house cinema besides saying Takeshi Kitano is the biggest enjoyment I’ll ever get from art house films.

Until the end of the month, take of care yourself, and (hopefully) see you around if my job don’t kill me first. Happy 2018!

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