Personafication Crew

So, yeah, this is another page on my site Personafication is dedicated to me. Where to begin?

What are your goals for the site?

Besides to have a place to hold everything I write from movie reviews, anime reviews, and features on anything. It would be to encourage for readers to seek out all type of experience. Either be very enjoyable, or very dreadful to further build your standards. I also want to improve on my reviewing skill as I feel there’s always room for improvement. Another goal is to encourage reviewers to keep on writing. I’m no longer consistent in posting reviews like I once was back in 2012, and 2013, but I will say the pay off for less reviews for better written ones is a good trade out. No matter how you feel about any film I review I’m always open to discussion, especially if it means I get argue against someone on my points. So why don’t I introduce to the crew of Personafication.

Cinema-Maniac (Movie Reviewer)

WordPress username: lucifermetatron

Offline Name: Cesar Mendez (CM)

About Myself:

I always had an interest in films, but it wasn’t until seeing dozens of martial art films on Netflix that motivated me to write about them. My first ever review was posted on Rotten Tomatoes on November 26, 2011 on the film Fist of Legend. After that, the rest became history, and I haven’t stopped writing reviews since then. My interest in writing about movies have changed over the last two years since I fallen off being interested in cinema. It’s mostly due to the ever growing disconnection between me, professional film critics, and amateur critics. When it comes to reviews there’s few people I actually from, and even fewer who words I actually place any value on. One reason being the amateur critics on any film site usually are not film fans. I don’t know about you, but I assume a film fan would be open to all kind of experiences, not just the good ones. Unfortunately, it’s rather common to follow a amateur writer, and see they’re playing it safe by only seeing well received movies. In my eyes, this tells me they’re only seeing various degrees of good quality filmmaking not the entire spectrum. The same could applied vice versa.

What I strive for in my reviews is beside being informative is to be as accepting to all forms of filmmaking. No matter the film, I always express in my writing why the film gained a particular rating, or why I consider said film that certain level of quality. I written reviews for every movie I’ve seen, though for some it’s reasonable. For instance, the reason I rarely write about classic films is they’ll always be discussed. With the wide range of information in the internet finding someone to go into great detail into 12 Angry Men, or Citizen Kane will not be hard to find. I do make exception if I feel like the timing is right, or just appropriate to discuss why said film is regarded so highly. For me, I like the idea that is film, not just certain aspects of it. That’s something that difficult to come across on the web.

Will you take recommendations?

I will so long there’s a legal means to see it. Of course, there are exceptions like the film never being released to home video, or never released international, but receiving some kind of release on the web. So anything is on the table, though I will say at face value don’t expect a requested review quickly. If I do receive movie requests I’ll prioritize them by personal interest, and then get around to seeing them. If I don’t write a review on it I will at least share with you my thoughts in a private message or something.


Anime Breakdown (Anime Reviewer)

WordPress username: lucifermetatron

Offline Name: Cesar Mendez (CM)

Not much to say on my anime viewing history. I only actively seeing anime last year, and haven’t stopped yet. It’s both an incredible experience, and rage inducing at the time. I don’t I’ve experience a medium that is so drastic in quality depending on the series like I have with anime. One series will remind why I love anime while several others will make regret life choices like “Why did I begin to watch anime?”.

Will you take recommendations?

I will, but they might take months to finish. In my anime reviews I go more indepth in dissecting an entire series than I do for movies. So they take longer to finish from the drafting stages, and then finally doing any final touches which can take a longer time. Anime movie reviews don’t take quite as long, but they varied on the era of animation I cover. One moment I could be reviewing something that came out 5 years ago, and the next one I’m reviewing something from the 60s. It’s all over the place in coverage.

For anyone who cares I’m also on other websites.

My official Twitter account:


My official Myanimelist account:


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