Cinema-Maniac: Gayniggers From Outer Space (1992) Review

Gayniggers From Outer Space is about extraterrestrial beings that travel the galaxy to free men “oppressed” by females to make way for an entirely-homosexual society. That’s pretty much sums up the whole movie. I kid you not that synopsis leaves no stone unturned. The only thing left to talk about is the humor. Now the humor wears very thin in the first four minutes which are all about dicks jokes. We are introduced to the crew whose names go as follow; ArminAss, Captain B. Dick, D. Illdo, Sgt. Shaved Balls., and Mr. Schwul are all from the planet Anus. I would make a joke about how the crew names are basically different variations on testicles, but I can’t come with up any. Literally coming up with a creative dick joke is hard. My mind is coming up dry. Oh well. It’s okay since the film is just that. Rinse and repeat the same dick jokes. There is some political incorrectness like a computer database believing Asian people are yellow. Despite the movie title it’s actually not racist. It’s humanitarian wanting gay to be accepted, unless if you’re a woman. Sexist it could be called since the whole point of the…avoid typing to avoid potential offense is to eliminate women to create a Gay universe. There’s something about Lord of the Brown rings and the Holy A*****le, but their potential comedic value gets diminished once expose to the same jokes repeatedly.

On the technical sides it is intentionally design to look like a B-movie. You have cheesy dubbing that’s off sync, production design that is absolutely cheap with most of the mini-budget spent on lots of rolls of aluminium foil and cardboard, costumes looking like eighties disco outfits, and shot in grainy black and white that makes it look older than it actually is. Any actor who doesn’t play an alien will generally say gibberish in other languages. So in that respect it does something right with b movie production values believe it or not. It even pokes fun of the sepia tone transition to color by the end of the film made famous by “The Wizard of Oz”. Other than that the music use is actually good from Jazz to classy music like Richard Clayderman soft piano ballad “Ballade Pour Adeline”. Kudos for the film for having such an unexpected high classy track in spite of what the goofy short film actually is.

Gayniggers From Outer Space is neither offensive nor an entirely painful thirty minutes. The humor revolve around a specific body part which gets repetitive when relying on those same jokes for thirty minutes. It’s intentionally poorly made to parody common logic. For that reason you intentionally don’t have to bat an eye at it. Of course I won’t say to stay away from the film since it’s thirty minutes, not much harm will be done. One last thing I might have to address for some that might have the wrong notions. Anyone thinking I’m being harsh on this film, you should know I’m the same person who a gave positive review to a film about killer condoms.


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