Cinema-Maniac: Kerd ma lui (Born to Fight) (2004) Review

I’ve seen many Action movies, both good and bad, but i’ve never seen anything like this movie.

A group of athletes helping a poor village must stop an evil tyrant and his men from terrorizing the village. One thing about this movie I think everybody will complain about is that the story is just a story in this movie. It never fully develops, the character development is barely passable, and doesn’t exactly add any emotional weight to the movie. Though the only thing good about the story is that it gives a solid motivation of the heroes to do there thing and save the day, but it doesn’t completely feels like it. The story really hurts this movie, it could have been better.

The action is entertaining, despite what the movie the title there’s actually a lack of actual fighting. It should have been called Born To Shoot since there is more shooting. While found the action in this movie in the slightly above average category which sucks because the last action scene has some amazing stunt-work. Considering the DVD case says from the creators of Ong Bak and The Protector I expected the same level of action, but it’s better than The Protector, but it’s not as good as Ong Bak, this fits in the middle of those two.

Born To Fight isn’t a bad thanks to the story-line giving our heroes a good purpose to fight the terrorists. As an action fan you’ll be disappointed as I was mainly because of the plot, if care for plot, the action won’t exactly satisfy you until the final action scene. All in all, it’s not a bad movie, but it fails to better than it should have.


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