Cinema-Maniac: Bangkok Adrenaline (2010) Review

Well, this movie sucked. I was looking forward to this after seeing Ong Bak, now after seeing this, i’m convince this is Thailand action movie at it worst.

The plot revolve around four backpackers, all played by assholes, arriving in Thailand to party and drink. A gambling game goes wrong and with their lives on the line they desperately decide to kidnap a billionaires daughter, with bad humor involve. Things go wrong when her ‘father’ doesn’t play ball, act professionally, and prefers to use the kidnapping to further his own interests. The story is bad from the beginning and it gets worst as the movie progress.

The action is disappointing and not fun to watch. The choreography is poorly done, of course you wouldn’t know by how poorly the action scenes are filmed. The action is slow and lack any excitement you would want from a Martial Art movie. As for the acting, same thing, poorly acted and bad humor for the whole movie. Yet despite this, it’s a watchable mess of a movie. Also, why are the Americans doing Martial Art in this movie, not to be racist, but the Americans doing Martial Art in this movie don’t look convincing and act horribly.

Bangkok Adrenaline is a watchable mess that got nothing right in execution. In a genre filled with so many great and memorable movies, Bangkok Adrenaline fails to standout above the competition.


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