Cinema-Maniac: Iron Monkey (1993) Review

Martial Arts films are always memorable if done right, and Iron Monkey is a great Martial Art film that delivers on story and fantastic choreography.

A doctor fights the corrupt authorities as a masked Robin Hood hero, even while another martial artist/doctor is forced to hunt for him. The story, though mostly humorous, has enough drama in it for any Martial Art fan to take it seriously. Though, the only misstep in it story is the humor removed some of seriousness of the dramatic scene for me, this is both good and bad. Overall the story written and told well.

The action is spectacular, both with wires and non-wire action sequences are here. The action is fast, fun, and enjoyable to watch. As anyone who seen this movie will tell you, the last battle in this movie is spectacular, i’ve never seen anything like it and is unlikely that anyone will ever come close to making anything like it.

Iron Monkey is a great movie that i’ll recommend to any Martial Art fans, with a terrific and memorable fight sequences. There no reasons why you should skip out on this.


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