Cinema-Maniac: Naruto the Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow (2004) Review

I’ve never been big on the whole Anime craze even when Dragon Ball Z was at the height of it popularity. So my friend recommended me this movie, though it may have it flaws I found the overall movie to be a blast.

Naruto Uzumaki the ninja-in-training knuckle-headed and his team are sent on a mission to guard Yukie Fujikaze, a popular actress. Now since I haven’t seen the show or read the Magma, I can’t tell you if the story lives up to those works. What I can tell you it has a good story, though I found myself laughing unintentionally in some serious scenes. It works, though I did find the movie to be focusing to much on Naruto and not enough on the other characters, especially the villains.

I know good action when I see it, but it hard for me to actually behind animated action sequences since they don’t have the same feel. That’s a good thing in this case, what special effects can’t do in action an animated format can. For the most the part the action is fast for most of the fights. One spectacular moment I enjoyed allot was the iced-whale attacked or whatever it was called, was definitely one of the best scene i’ve ever seen animated.

I’ll recommend Naruto The Movie: Ninja Clash In the Land of Snow for anyone not familiar with the Naruto series. Though it may be a flawed animated movie, it’s still worth a watch.


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