Cinema-Maniac: Tiger Cage 3 (1991) Review

Finally, i’ve finished the Tiger Cage franchise and I can say like many movie franchise, the third film is the weakest. Suffering from the usual uneven acting that plagues the franchise and the action is not any better.

Basically the plot is that an uninteresting protagonist sporting a gold mask because he disfigured his face. He seeks revenge, but not before the terrible story chugs along with painful melodrama. The Tiger Cage movies aren’t exactly known for good stories let alone the acting. Unlike the first two film which had an uneven scenes with good acting and bad acting, Tiger Cage is just bad when it comes to it actors.

The only redeeming value is the action, though not good enough to recommend. I’m guessing the main actor didn’t want to do anything as slightly above average as Donnie Yen in Tiger Cage 2. It’s a poorly done franchise that lacked improvement needed to stand out from so many movies like it.

The Tiger Cage franchise is not a franchise worth checking out if you’re an action fan. It’s just another cop franchise from China that does little to nothing to stand apart from other movies in the genre and those are the reasons why no one remembers these movies.


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