Cinema-Maniac: From Hell It Came (1957) Review

From Hell It Came, as the title suggest, is a movie that literally came from hell. Never have I seen a more poorly made movie since the Gingerdead Man franchise which I truly hate.

It’s start with an accused South Seas prince being executed, and then returns as a radioactive walking tree stump. That’s right, a radioactive tree that kills people. Thankfully for most of the movie the killer tree doesn’t appear because when it does it’s unspectacular and boring.

The only thing more wooden than the tree itself is the acting. Most likely because everybody working on this has never seen another movie. Now what make this possibly the biggest waste of time is the the way the people kill the tree. They shoot a dagger that was already in his heart, which makes this one the most flawed movie ever made.

I wouldn’t recommend this, my suggestion is if you find a copy of this movie. Get a cross, a priest, and send this movie back to Hell where it came from.


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