Cinema-Maniac: The Gold Rush (1925) Review

There’s a reason why classical humor is more appealing to me, unlike modern comedies that focus on sex jokes, the silent era humor is more about character humor. No doubt Charlie Chaplin’s, The Gold Rush, is one of the best example of this.

The story is actually more entertaining and heartfelt than most of the modern comedies in recent years. Charlie Chaplin plays the Tramp and goes to the Klondike in search of gold and finds himself some humorous situations. Chaplin alway plays his characters with such grace that imitating him is just impossible. The jokes are actually funny, the characters are worth caring about, and since it’s a Chaplin film, prepare yourself for some of the most hilarious moments ever filmed.

What else can I say about this movie, it helds up really well. Unlike most comedies where the humor dies off with passing years, this film has only gotten better. I have to say the best thing about this is the production value. Every characters is worth watching, every shot captures the scene perfectly, the pacing is just terrific in every way possible, and it’s just a joy to watch. I honestly can’t remember the last time a movie has made me laugh as much of this.

The Gold Rush proves that comedy can timeless if done correctly. Even though the current state of the comedy genre is not so good, it’s great that a talented artist like Chaplin made this movie for generations to smile, laugh, and bring them an unforgettable experience.


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